good news HB1059 bad news for schools – Erin Douglass

I’ve got good news and bad news…
The good news – our Democratic-controlled State House brought HB 1059 (the “schools levy cliff” bill preventing $358 million in funding cuts to Washington schools) to the floor for a vote and… it passed!
The bad news – the bill now moves to the Republican-controlled State Senate.
Republican Senators killed this same bill last year. And the voters of Washington sent Republican Senator Steve Litzow home for it, replacing him with Democratic Senator Lisa Wellman, an education champion.
If you read our email updates last week, you know that Senate Republicans are refusing to even acknowledge that school funding is an issue. Despite having 7,000 activists stand last week on the capitol steps advocating for school funding, Republicans seem to think our students and teachers are not a priority.
We have to keep the pressure on. Will you help us?
Erin Douglass