In this era of trump #staywoke

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In this era of trump,we all need to be aware … listen to what he and his team says but watch and remember it’s what they do that actually matters !! I believe he will prove to Americans that his words will never match his actions and if you need proof, do the research on the people he is bringing into the White House … a cabinet of not only billionaires who know nothing about governing a free world, but white nationalist that have made it to the NSC table. In fact you have to wonder just exactly what name to put on the trump political party because based on his actions,comments and attacks he definitely doesn’t act like republican or someone from the democratic party, so your guess is as good as mine.  I am convinced it all is going to take us into a recession aka depression then ask yourself if they are there to work on your behalf or for the sake of the almighty dollar? ask: why does ivanka have to auction off #PresidentialFireSideChats for $50 – 70K, pose with a #PresidentialBraclet for $10K or provide info on a dress she may have worn at a questionable conflict of interest meeting …

I say, don’t listen to political rhetoric, TV news or pundits for the absolute truth because there are none, but remember these folks get paid to report just enough to keep you interested, some cut to the truth some or most won’t at least until the actions of this admin have progressed into behavior worthy of countries that aren’t free … at all .  If you were paying attention, trump, is now the one term official who used and continues to use every ounce of free airtime he can to spread his truth; that main stream media continues to fail voters viewers by not challenging him sufficiently.  While this admin seems to bob and weave trump is filling his swamp with folks who could very well ruin the America we used to know and still love … I said could because we have no idea what this man is capable of doing in the political arena; just the numerous reports of  bankruptcies, no official vetting, refusing to release his tax returns, stiffing workers and quite possibly procurement of large loans from folks outside of the US of A and I have gotta say …

What could ever go wrong there?