Now is the moment to #DefundDAPL

You’ve signed on and spoken out. Now it’s time to show up.Donald Trump has signed executive memos intended to expedite the construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines. But there’s something he doesn’t know or expect:

A growing movement of over half a million consumers around the world, representing over $2.3 billion dollars, are calling on the 17 banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline to cancel or re-negotiate their loans. If they do, DAPL will be broke and construction will have to be delayed or canceled.

We need your help next week to starve the black snake by cutting off its funding.


Let’s be perfectly clear: Trump’s executive memos will not get DAPL or KXL built. The corporate owners – Energy Transfer Partners, Sunoco Logistics, Transcanada, et al – still need permits, approval from the Army Corps of Engineers, and most importantly money to build the pipelines.

The big banks funding these projects can be moved if we pressure them where it hurts. And we are. Thousands of people have closed their personal checking accounts already, costing these banks over $50 million in the process. The signatures you’ll help deliver this week represent another $2.3 billion (with a B) in assets waiting to #Divest.

That’s a consumer and investor movement that the banks will find hard to ignore.

Now, we just need to convince the banks that we mean business. And to do that, we need you to show up at a local branch action and bring some friends. Can you RSVP to attend a #DeFundDAPL rally this week at a bank branch near you?

See you in the streets!