Using car batteries to MURDER dolphins

Myanmar’s Irrawaddy dolphins are being killed off in RECORD numbers.[1]

And, the way they’re being murdered is incredibly awful.

Rogue gangs are using car batteries to shock and stun the dolphins, then capturing and killing them.

Although the practice of electrofishing is illegal, it doesn’t stop these poachers from using every trick in the book to brutally murder the Irrawaddy dolphins.

If we don’t step up soon, these happy, smiling dolphins could be completely WIPED OUT.

Due to the horrific electrofishing practice, the Irrawaddy dolphins are on the brink of extinction.

In Laos, the species is already considered “functionally extinct.”[2]Now, conservationists are desperately trying to stop the same fate for those in Myanmar.

These dolphins are integral to the health of the rivers they live in — and they’re also considered sacred by the local Khmer and Lao people.

We can’t let these dolphins completely disappear. So we need to know: Should we act now to save the Irrawaddy dolphins?


Thanks for taking action to save them,