We made the Muslim ban legal by using danger NOT religion


2 thoughts on “We made the Muslim ban legal by using danger NOT religion”

  1. Hi nativegirl! I don’t know where the term “Muslim ban” comes from. Can you tell me? As I understand the order, 1.3 billion Muslims still have free access to US. Thanks!


    1. Hi PrayThroughHistory

      That comes from his campaign promises including the registry … it also includes what rudy Guiliani said,that they wanted a ban but they wanted to make sure it was legal …lol so they focused on danger to the US, which there is no direct threat at this time …fear mongering seems to be a trump trait … the end result so far, is that ALL Muslims,Refugees even immigrants with Visa and Green card holders have all been subject to the ban..some sent back to homelands others told to resign their residency even with correct cards and docs

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