Are we only human … Black History


Just another repost and today’s rant

 It was about 6am on a Saturday morning. I was checking my email and other social media accounts while listening to pundits talk about POTUS’s latest press conference.

This has been a rough few weeks now moving into the month of July because The Voter Rights Act was essentially torn apart by SCOTUS.  I have gone over things in my mind repeatedly not being able to write about it, crying, and wondering what was the true intent of that decision looking for positive outcomes and there are many but few active players willing to make the best thing happen, which is Universal Voter Rights. We all know that conservatives do not want everyone voting though redistricting or packing and cracking interferes with the rights of minorities, rural folks, poor and low income … conservatives engage in this practice legally mind you. Then Women in Texas, South Carolina among others started to say NO to lawmakers… made up mostly of men, seemingly wanting to control our bodies and decisions along with a few conservative women who need to be schooled on what a rape kit is for,  maybe told to stop being so submissive and move into the 21st Century period. Then there was the #justice4Trayvon marches and juror B37 spoke along with quite a few deaths with defendants using SYG started something.

It is obvious, our voices need to get loud louder and loudest for those who no longer have one.

As I watched President Obama walk into to what usually is the President’s Carney briefing. The room was empty enough for the President to comment as well as the so-called 2-minute rule was given … or not as reporters stated and the environment seemed tense maybe very negative.  I am biased, but there are things I do not agree with our President on and it should be that way because we are not lemmings we have different attitudes about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The fact is many people needed to hear POTUS come to the mic and talk race but what we all heard was not just comments from the President about race or a reminder to respect the Trayvon Martin family their wishes for calm back then. It was a reminder while we must have respect for the judicial system, POTUS also asked Americans about the possibility of looking at the laws that face us today. I am not quoting or trying to quote the President because everyone who heard watched that historic press conference will take and remember what he or she wants.  While each station on the airwaves focus on what they want, the only responsible thing is to listen to what the President said by playing the original tape and refrain yes I say refrain from taking what TV hosts, pundits and journalist tell you as the truth. It was an important moment because the stand your ground laws while said to be absent in the Trayvon Martin case, the jury did use it to determine the fate of a young black man who just turned 17 …shot and killed by a wannabe cop.  I ask anyone truly interested to compare the juror instructions given by the judge and what was stated before they were excused to make their decision and as a former juror how could or why did this group ignore the facts, his words, his violent past or George Zimmerman’s efforts to want to become a cop least we remember he was told to stand down and he did not. If he had waited for the cops, we all know things would be different. There is truly something wrong when a child is killed, the parents were not contacted immediately, and what happened to the cell phone? The police decided on their own that it was self-defense, only one guy requested expected an investigation felt there was a need to survey the neighborhood but that did not happen either while the evidence was not just withheld or tossed it was tainted  and no one went to jail for a killing a human being, a young black man.

We cannot forget what happened to Oscar grant, Trayvon Martin, Sean Belle,  or other Jordan Davis’s of the world.  So many invisible people of colour, mistreated even in their deaths is unacceptable. While folks say, black and brown folks are able to use the castle doctrine or the stand your ground law, common sense says and reports tell us this is not true. After hearing what happened to Marissa Alexander even with a new trial might serve possibly 60yrs for a warning shot, proves stand your ground has failed at least people of colour and the first question is. Who is Stand Your Ground really for?  How many more people of colour have to die to see a law that is not being interpreted correctly or is it that those applying the law are on the extreme side of States Rights. We all know ALEC is involved and it would be in all our best interests to consider what future ALEC should play in the lives of Americans.  I happen to believe Marissa Alexander was hoping that the police would come to her house and save her from an abusive husband but the system failed her.  Whatever the outcome, I felt helpless, upset angry and overwhelmed by all the things happening unable to rant rave or shout.  Now, it is time for each of us to ask questions about how our own States are applying the castle doctrine and more specifically how our police interpret it.


I come from a long line of mixed family on both sides – this is fact. I know that a group of folks from white,brown&black sides of my family clashed, were forced, some had complicit or secret relationships and even more often than not possibly manipulated, some were willing to take risks for love or whatever; If not, I would not be here – this is another fact. I have children and I still believe in a woman’s right to choose, I am straight but I believe you should not be punished for loving whom you do and this is slowly melting away, yet the fight to turn back the clock on civil, voter, human, reproductive rights is in full effect.  In my heart from my own family experience … Race will always matter; it is up to each person who chooses to be open to the unknown that counts.

Be aware be present and join us in the fight for equality… on all its levels