WA State bills to keep an eye on

TumblrSeattleatthePierCS007W-DOWNTOWN-SEATTLE-SKYLINE-WITH-BOAT-HARBOR_-WA_H_WEB_We’re 6 weeks into the 2017 Washington State legislative session, and Democrats and Republicans are making their priorities very clear…
While Republicans have been trying to block education funding, sabotage public transit programs, and reintroduce anti-transgender discrimination laws, our Democratic representatives are proving just how important it is to elect strong progressives up and down the ticket.
Democrats in our state legislature are making strides on many of the issues we value most:
  • Standing Up for Immigrants – While Washington State leads the way in federal lawsuits against the Trump administration, local Democrats are working to protect immigrants here at the state level. HB 2097 would limit the ability of government to collect information on a person’s religious affiliation, and would prevent law enforcement from enforcing or assisting with any registry that the federal government may create based on religious affiliation, while HB 2029 would create a telephone hotline and website managed through the Human Rights Commission to refer people to assistance for immigration and citizenship issues.
  • Funding K-12 Education – Democrats made education funding the priority and it was the first bill passed off the House floor. Our state’s public schools are facing the largest funding cut in state history unless Senate Republicans join Democrats in passing the “levy cliff bill” (HB 1059).
  • Lowering the Cost of College – Democrats passed HB 1440 out of committee, which would prevent student loan services from taking advantage of students and families with misleading information or unfair fees.
  • Economic Opportunity – Democrats are moving legislation to fund a paid family leave program so that workers can have time for major life events like the birth of a child or a major medical emergency without losing their job, so that all workers can benefit from these important protections.
  • Voting Rights – Democrats passed the Washington Voting Rights Act out of committee, which would help ensure our elections are free and fair for all.
Trust us, 2017 is not an “off-year.”  We’ll be doing everything we can to support good Democratic leadership, hold Republicans accountable, and keep the Trump administration’s dangerous, discriminatory policies out of our state!
Your financial support is one of the vital resources we need to get our 2017 statewide grassroots organizing program off the ground as soon as possible. Please, contribute today – every dollar makes a difference.
Let’s do this!
— WA Democrats