No White Supremacists on NSC: #BannonOut

Christopher Herrera, Rainforest Action Network

Trump has appointed a white supremacist with no national security experience to the National Security Council (NSC) — Steve Bannon. This is an unprecedented and dangerous power grab by a man with an extreme agenda.

We’ve teamed up with racial justice, women’s rights, anti-war, and civil rights groups to take action.

Tell Congress to do their job: no white supremacists on the National Security Council!

From open attacks on the First Amendment and the free press, to his xenophobic anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic rhetoric, to his attack on the environment through appointing climate deniers and oil executives to the heights of the U.S. government, our new president poses a serious danger to the foundations of our nation and to the safety of all Americans.

One man in particular has been credited with advising Donald Trump on these extreme positions — Steve Bannon. Bannon is one of the founders of Breitbart News, a megaphone for openly racist, white nationalist, misogynistic and misleading information.

Tell Congress to keep Steve Bannon off the National Security Council.

Bannon believes in the dangerous lie that the U.S. is at war with Islam and that America should be the center of a new movement of right-wing populism centering on white supremacy.1 Bannon also believes that clean energy is “nonsense” and “madness” — despite the fact that intelligence experts have cited climate change as a national security threat since 2004.2

Congress created the National Security Council and Congress has the power to stop this. Now is a moment for all members of Congress — Democrats and Republicans — to take a stand for our basic values and for our safety.

Tell Congress to do their job: No white supremacists on the National Security Council!

For the future,


HerreraHeadshot_100px.jpgChristopher Herrera
Communications Director
Rainforest Action Network

1. “Steve Bannon Believes The Apocalypse Is Coming And War Is Inevitable,” Huffington Post.
2. “How Trump’s War on Climate Policy Threatens National Security,” Greenpeace