Call your Senators to oppose Judge Gorsuch’s nomination – Fatima Goss Graves


Now more than ever, we need an independent judicial branch that will be a check on President Trump when he violates the law or the Constitution. Case in point: when the President issued an executive order preventing citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States, federal judges intervened and halted the travel ban, despite a backlash from the President.

Unfortunately, Judge Neil Gorsuch—Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court—would not be the independent jurist we need to protect our rights. Administration officials have bragged that Judge Gorsuch “represents the type of judge that has the vision of Donald Trump” and that Trump and Judge Gorsuch “support each other.” We can’t let him become our next Supreme Court justice.

We need a Supreme Court Justice who will protect all of us.

Tell your Senators to oppose Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.


Judge Gorsuch joined the original Hobby Lobby decision that ruled corporations are people that can hold religious beliefs and that allowed bosses to deny women birth control coverage. He would have allowed the state of Utah to block access to health care and education for thousands of Planned Parenthood patients. And his approach to interpreting laws would narrow antidiscrimination protections for women in the workplace, and threaten critically important protections for women and girls at school, in healthcare, and elsewhere.

Tell the Senate to protect our rights by opposing this nomination.

Trump made a series of troubling promises about his Supreme Court nominee, long before he nominated Judge Gorsuch. First, Trump promised to select his nominee from a list provided by right-wing organizations—and he did. He vowed to nominate a justice in the mold of Justice Scalia—and Judge Gorsuch has explicitly praised Justice Scalia’s approach to the law. And finally, Trump promised to nominate a justice who would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade—and we should take him at his word.

When we add up everything we know about Trump’s promises, Judge Gorsuch’s record and approach to the law, and statements from Administration officials about Judge Gorsuch’s connection with Trump, we get a chilling picture of the threats to legal protections for women if Judge Gorsuch is confirmed.

Call your Senators with an urgent message to oppose Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.

The stakes for our rights are sky-high with this nomination. As one Administration official pointed out, the presidency lasts four years, but Judge Gorsuch could sit on the Supreme Court for 40 years—meaning that his decisions could affect the lives of women and girls for generations.

Thank you for taking action and demanding a Supreme Court nominee who will protect all of us.

Call your Senators to oppose Judge Gorsuch’s nomination
Senior Vice President for Program and President-elect
National Women’s Law Center


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School Scott Pruitt – Dalia Hashad – Avaaz


The head of the EPA just said that carbon dioxide does not cause climate change!

This is the first step towards killing federal action to stop the climate crisis. Let’s show him he is totally discredited, and make a media storm of his fossil fuel puppeting.

Join now — for every 1,000 that sign we’ll send Pruitt a copy of “Global Warming For Dummies”, until his office is flooded!

Dear Friends


The head of the EPA went on national TV and said carbon dioxide doesn’t drive climate change!

This is a complete reversal of official EPA policy and a total rejection of all credible science and facts. This isn’t a joke — It’s the first step to killing all programs to combat climate change.

If we do nothing, this could condemn us and our warming planet to a suicide of inaction. Let’s build a massive petition demanding Pruitt listen to the science, then literally flood him with facts. Join now — for every 1000 who sign, we’ll send Pruitt a copy of “Global Warming For Dummies”, the latest climate science, and make a media storm of this fossil fuel lackey!

Tell the EPA Chief the science is settled

The direct and dangerous link between carbon emissions and science is long settled. Almost every scientist in the world and the vast majority of Americans agree that this is what causes climate change. There is no longer any debate.

But Trump and his officials either are deeply invested in dirty energy or are kooky climate denying ideologues. They want to kill climate programs and cut agency funding by 25%.

Pruitt’s statement could be one of the most dangerous developments yet. EPA science has been settled for years, and US policy is based on reducing CO2 emissions and advancing climate science. Now, because he can’t change science, Scott Pruitt is trying to change EPA policy through the backdoor.

We cannot afford to let him.

Tell the EPA Chief the science is settled

Scott Pruitt has long been an opponent of the environment. As attorney general of Oklahoma, he sued the EPA 13 different times. Now, he doesn’t need to go to a court to get permission. He’s the head. But there are two things that stands in his way. The science and us.

With defiance and determination,

Dalia, Joseph, Andrew, Nick, Julie, Alice, Iain and the rest of the Avaaz team


EPA chief Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming (CNBC)

E.P.A. Chief Doubts Consensus View of Climate Change (New York Times)

Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)

Global Warming for Dummies Cheat Sheet

Ever work at Starbucks? Ever buy coffee there?

We are Working Washington


There’s a reason the new parental leave policy from Starbucks is so controversial: it would provide different amounts of leave to different types of parents.

Under the Starbucks policy, a new parent who works in a store would get far less paid leave than a new parent who works in corporate. In fact, a new parent who works in a store wouldn’t get any paid parental leave at all, unless they’re the birth mother.

Find out more and let us know what you think about this controversial policy that treats different types of parents so differently. 

Whether you work in a store or work in an office, everyone needs time to care for their families. That’s why more & more companies are providing paid family leave. That’s why we’re seeing real momentum behind the issue in the State Legislature.

And that’s why we need companies like Starbucks to lead the way and offer policies which recognize that all of us need time to care.

Take a look at the Starbucks policy and let us know what you think.


Thanks for everything you do,

all of us at Working Washington

the trump ban – the facts …

Washington State Democrats

Earlier this week, Donald Trump signed another Muslim travel ban, after his first one was stayed by the courts.

We fought that first ban, and we’re going to fight this one, too.

Add your name if you stand with Washington Democrats against the Trump Muslim travel ban.

The Trump administration purposely wrote this new ban to make it harder to challenge in court. But slapping a new coat of paint on a hate-filled proposal doesn’t make it better. It’s still the same xenophobic rhetoric we saw before:

  • It prohibits travelers from six predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. — even though a Department of Homeland Security report shows a travel ban is useless for preventing terrorism
  • It denies refugees (who have already been thoroughly vetted) entry for 120 days — putting tens of thousands, including children, in danger

This ban hurts immigrants, DREAMers, and innocent Muslims who are trying to enter this country to better their lives — for no other reason than Donald Trump’s xenophobia.

I’m so proud of Washington Democrats like Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who have stood up to Trump’s bans. And I’m disgusted by Republicans who are putting partisanship ahead of human rights by supporting the ban or staying silent.

Stand with Washington Democrats: Add your name to show you’re against the Trump Muslim travel ban!

Thank you,

Karen Deal
Executive Director

ding dong the bills are dead – Working Washington …state

Well here’s some good news : our minimum wage is safe! 

On 3/8/2017 at 5:00pm , three bills that would have rolled back our state minimum wage officially “died” in the State Legislature.  

Click here to add your voice and help us celebrate this big win for workers!

  • SB 5530, which would have reduced the minimum wage to $9.53/hour for everyone who happened to work outside of King County is dead.
  • SB 5532, which would have reduced the minimum wage to $9.53/hour for everyone whose employer happens to be classified as a nonprofit is dead.
  • And SB 5541, which would have created a special sub-minimum wage for younger workers is dead too.

In other words: we did it! 🙂

Click here to add your voice and help us celebrate this big win for workers!