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The head of the EPA just said that carbon dioxide does not cause climate change!

This is the first step towards killing federal action to stop the climate crisis. Let’s show him he is totally discredited, and make a media storm of his fossil fuel puppeting.

Join now — for every 1,000 that sign we’ll send Pruitt a copy of “Global Warming For Dummies”, until his office is flooded!

Dear Friends


The head of the EPA went on national TV and said carbon dioxide doesn’t drive climate change!

This is a complete reversal of official EPA policy and a total rejection of all credible science and facts. This isn’t a joke — It’s the first step to killing all programs to combat climate change.

If we do nothing, this could condemn us and our warming planet to a suicide of inaction. Let’s build a massive petition demanding Pruitt listen to the science, then literally flood him with facts. Join now — for every 1000 who sign, we’ll send Pruitt a copy of “Global Warming For Dummies”, the latest climate science, and make a media storm of this fossil fuel lackey!

Tell the EPA Chief the science is settled

The direct and dangerous link between carbon emissions and science is long settled. Almost every scientist in the world and the vast majority of Americans agree that this is what causes climate change. There is no longer any debate.

But Trump and his officials either are deeply invested in dirty energy or are kooky climate denying ideologues. They want to kill climate programs and cut agency funding by 25%.

Pruitt’s statement could be one of the most dangerous developments yet. EPA science has been settled for years, and US policy is based on reducing CO2 emissions and advancing climate science. Now, because he can’t change science, Scott Pruitt is trying to change EPA policy through the backdoor.

We cannot afford to let him.

Tell the EPA Chief the science is settled

Scott Pruitt has long been an opponent of the environment. As attorney general of Oklahoma, he sued the EPA 13 different times. Now, he doesn’t need to go to a court to get permission. He’s the head. But there are two things that stands in his way. The science and us.

With defiance and determination,

Dalia, Joseph, Andrew, Nick, Julie, Alice, Iain and the rest of the Avaaz team


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