the trump ban – the facts …

Washington State Democrats

Earlier this week, Donald Trump signed another Muslim travel ban, after his first one was stayed by the courts.

We fought that first ban, and we’re going to fight this one, too.

Add your name if you stand with Washington Democrats against the Trump Muslim travel ban.

The Trump administration purposely wrote this new ban to make it harder to challenge in court. But slapping a new coat of paint on a hate-filled proposal doesn’t make it better. It’s still the same xenophobic rhetoric we saw before:

  • It prohibits travelers from six predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. — even though a Department of Homeland Security report shows a travel ban is useless for preventing terrorism
  • It denies refugees (who have already been thoroughly vetted) entry for 120 days — putting tens of thousands, including children, in danger

This ban hurts immigrants, DREAMers, and innocent Muslims who are trying to enter this country to better their lives — for no other reason than Donald Trump’s xenophobia.

I’m so proud of Washington Democrats like Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who have stood up to Trump’s bans. And I’m disgusted by Republicans who are putting partisanship ahead of human rights by supporting the ban or staying silent.

Stand with Washington Democrats: Add your name to show you’re against the Trump Muslim travel ban!

Thank you,

Karen Deal
Executive Director