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Room and board
One in 10 Cal State students is homeless and 1 in 5 doesn’t have enoughfood, according to a new study. “We’re going to find solutions that we can take to scale,” said Chancellor Timothy P. White. Cal State is the largest public university system in America. Los Angeles Times

Housing crisis
The Los Angeles city attorney is going after property owners who evicted tenants and converted the units into rentals for Airbnb. The official allegation is that the owners are operating rent-controlled apartments as hotel units. City Atty. Mike Feuer’s action is seen as a sign the city will more aggressively go after landlords who break L.A. laws during its housing crisis. Los Angeles Times

Paying for help: Los Angeles city officials say they need $1.8 billion to help the tens of thousands of Angelenos sleeping on the streets and in their cars. This week, the City Council is considering two separate tax proposals, though voters will only see one of them on the Nov. 8 ballot. This Q&A breaks down the confusion over the competing proposals. Los Angeles Times

Homeless coverage: Columnist Robin Abcarian looks at how 70 news organizations, most in San Francisco, came together this week to cover one topic: homelessness. “Instead of coming off as hand wringing — or overkill — it felt like a great force was shaking the city’s shoulders: Wake up, people. This is not an intractable problem. It can be fixed,” she writes.Los Angeles Times

What would you do…: If you found yourself homeless on the streets of San Francisco with $20 and two children to care for? This simulation offers up the difficult choices you might have to make. BuzzFeed