Vote NO #trumpcare

No age tax!
No premium hikes!
No handouts to special interests!
Capitol HillTell Congress to fight for your health care and vote NO on the American Health Care Act.

4 thoughts on “Vote NO #trumpcare”

  1. I can agree with you to a point, but right now there is no coverage for a ton of people. I think it would be better to approve it, get some people coverage and then add to the bill after the Democrats take the house.


    1. hello
      I respect your opinion. the CBO just came out with it’s numbers 14M will lose insurance by 2018 and by 2026 24M will lose insurance. In my opinion the people selling this bill (republicans) some talkingheads are dishonest and so is the ish in it because i don’t believe the industry is based on a #freemarket and they do not reduce premiums it’s #nonexistent! #alternativefacts The best options would be a pool of healthy mod to very sick buying in … well, this is isn’t over and the impact of the #agetax will devastating to all


      1. There is no free market in health care insurance. If they open competition across state lines in two years we will have three insurance companies. That’s the thing this dog eat dog capitalism leads to oligarchy. The barrier to entry will be not having enough size to fight off the oligarchy. But for now I say get as many people insurance as possible.


      2. I know there are 2 more parts to the CBO score to come and possible weeks before the real bill is revealed. I heard journalist jonathan alter state that going across state lines is NOT in the bill … i still like Medicare for all. Thanks for the input


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