Medicaid: Stop the GOP plan to cut it – Sarah Chaisson Warner, People’s Action

The Republicans’ new bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act and gut Medicaid is a disaster. Insurance premiums and deductibles would rise. Families would pay more for less. You, your family or your neighbors may not be able to get needed care.

Worst of all, thousands could die. Just so the GOP can give massive tax breaks to the rich, and let insurance and drug corporations profiteer from our health care.

But we’ve already slowed the Republicans down. With enough pressure, we can kill their bill before it kills us.

Write your representative. Tell them to vote against the Republican repeal bill. People shouldn’t die just so the rich can get richer.

Republican leaders have already rammed this disastrous bill through one House committee. They are moving it without hearings or nonpartisan analysis of costs and effects. They don’t want us to know how much their radical plan will cost or exactly how many people it will hurt.

This bill is far worse than a terrible repeal plan. It’s also a Trojan horse for ending Medicaid as we know it. This threatens everyone from newborns to seniors getting long-term care. Next, the Republicans plan to go after Medicare.

We can stop this unpopular plan. Write your representative. Tell them to vote against repealing our health care.

If the Republicans really wanted to improve our health care, they would open Medicare to everyone. They also would let the program negotiate lower prices with drug corporations.

Instead they want to take away our health care to give a tax break to the rich and give corporations more power. None of us voted for that. Our representatives in Congress shouldn’t either.

Thank you for being a health care champion!

– Sarah, Julie, and the People’s Action team