Making America polluted again – Earthjustice Newsletter

Our border communities need funding for schools, job training and environmental clean-up, not a divisive wall. (Christopher Penler/Shutterstock)The hidden costs of a border wall
Waterways and endangered species migration paths severed, millions of tons of greenhouse gases emitted, billions of dollars lost, and communities torn in two. And no one will be safer for it.






“We are digging a big hole in front of our door and one day, not us, but our children, will fall into it.”

— New Orleans East resident Anthony Tran speaking out at a community meeting where he urged city officials to reject a plan to build a power plant in his neighborhood, which has some of the highest rates of ground subsidence in the city. Earthjustice is representing the Alliance for Affordable Energy in the case to halt a project that promises to bring toxic air pollution and greater flood risks.


Everglades National Park (Jose Antonio Perez/Shutterstock)The Everglades under fire
“Draining the swamp” shouldn’t include destroying Everglades National Park.


Protect your rights to transparency and involvement
The National Environmental Policy Act is an empowering legal tool that allows communities to defend themselves and their environment from dangerous, rushed or poorly planned federal or industry projects. Now our oldest environmental law is at risk of being gutted by polluter interests and their allies in Congress.

Protect our national monuments
A law that allows presidents to designate national monuments is under attack and there are threats to overturn monument designations, opening these lands up to drilling, logging, and mining.