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Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s hearing began today, and Democrats made clear that they would be asking tough questions. Republicans, for their part, encouraged Gorsuch to avoid giving complete answers, and Senator Ted Cruz, creator of many spectacles, dismissively called the hearing a “spectacle.”

Throughout the week we are going to send you regular hearing updates — because this so-called “spectacle” is critically important for anyone who cares about our rights and the future of the Supreme Court. Just this weekend news broke that Gorsuch actually told a law school class that employers should ask women candidates about their pregnancy plans so that women don’t “milk” their companies for maternity benefits and then leave. This is an appalling position for a potential Supreme Court justice to take, and today Senator Dick Durbin made it clear that he would press Gorsuch for an explanation.

Another worker’s rights case, the case of Alphonse Maddin, came up repeatedly today, for good reason. Watch our video of PFAW’s CiCi Battle talking about the harrowing details, and share it on your social media feeds. This is not a case to be blithely dismissed by Republican senators or groups spending millions to confirm Gorsuch — a real person’s life was put on the line, but Gorsuch preferred to narrowly interpret a law in the corporation’s favor.

CiCi Battle discussing the case

Gorsuch also brushed away his own record of siding against the rights of average Americans by citing his mentor Antonin Scalia’s remark that as a judge “you’re not always going to like the conclusions you reach.” Unfortunately for Gorsuch, his record demonstrates a clear pattern of consistently twisting the law to reach pro-corporate, anti-worker and anti-consumer conclusions.

Watch our video recapping Maddin’s story of corporate negligence and see for yourself why Gorsuch should not be the next Supreme Court justice>>