Mandel’s spending spree

Josh Mandel was just caught being especially sketchy with taxpayer funds.

The Ohio General Assembly mandated that Mandel publicize an investment program for people with disabilities.

Other states chose to publicize programs like this by reaching out to key advocacy groups. Mandel chose to run a publicly-funded $1.84 million statewide T.V. ad campaign starring himself. Even worse, he spent the taxpayer’s millions in a way that required no oversight with the most amount of visibility for himself.

Mandel’s decision becomes all the more questionable when you consider it came just a few months before he announced he would run for Sherrod’s Senate seat in 2018.

In 2012, Sherrod was called the “Hunted Democrat” because of Mandel’s deep loyalty to special interest groups. Mandel was their guy and those groups spent over $40 million to prop up his campaign.

We can’t expect 2018 to be any different. Since Citizens United is still on the books, we need to be ready for special interest groups to rally behind Mandel for round two. They know he won’t hesitate to make Ohioans’ interests take a back seat to their own.

Sherrod works hard in the Senate to make Washington work for Ohio families. He pushes back against the special interest groups, which is why they love to support his opponents.

Let’s make sure the numbers we hand over to the FEC show our enormous strength. Rush in a contribution before the FEC deadline.

Thank you,

Team Sherrod