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Stop Trump from slashing the EPA’s budget!

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Tell your representatives to protect clean air and water by rejecting budget cuts to the EPA.

Take Action

Donald Trump’s proposed budget is a disaster for the Environmental Protection Agency and the environment.

Under Trump’s plan, the EPA’s budget would be cut by almost a third, which would leave the agency hobbled and unable to protect the public from dangerous pollution.

Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA, has called for an aggressive rollback of environmental protections and has falsely stated that carbon dioxide is not a primary cause of global warming. He’s not likely to defend the agency’s budget, so that means it’s on us.

Trump’s budget has to be approved by Congress. Contact your representatives today and tell them to protect the EPA’s funding and keep our communities safe!

Without proper resources, the EPA will have difficulty enforcing basic rules to protect our communities, which could include…

  • Clean air standards that prevent choking smog and limit the amount of toxic chemicals released into the air.
  • Clean water protections to keep toxic chemicals out of drinking water.
  • The Clean Power Plan, which limits climate-change-causing emissions and carbon pollution.
  • And many more programs that protect our planet and communities from harm.

Tell Congress to stand up for the EPA and protect clean air and water!

Scaling back the EPA benefits big polluters in fossil fuel and other industries, at the expense of our health. Without the EPA’s protection from pollution, we could see more asthma attacks, heart attacks, and even premature deaths.

We CANNOT allow Trump and Pruitt to sacrifice our communities. We must make sure this budget isn’t passed!

For our future,
Mary Nicol
Climate campaigner, Greenpeace US

P.S. Trump’s vision for our future is grim, but he can’t pass it by himself. Tell your representatives to reject any plans that will put polluters over people!