Earth Day Network- Support our new crowdfunding campaign

With less than one month until Earth Day, we need your help to mobilize the country to defend sound science from an unprecedented political assault. Every contribution to our Crowdrise campaign will be used to build support and energy behind the March for Science rally in Washington, DC.
We need to raise $500,000 before April 22, Earth Day—and the sooner the better. $500,000 is an ambitious goal, but, with your help, it’s not an impossible one.
Research shows that the most successful crowd-sourced campaigns rely on individuals who take it upon themselves to create their own mini-campaigns and convince their friends, families, and colleagues to join them. Click here to lead a March for Science fundraising campaign of your own.
I hope you will forward this email, along with a personal cover note, to 22 people who are close to you, who care about the environment, and who you expect to be appalled by the current attacks on climate science and, indeed, on the entire field of scientific research.
Share the March for Science Campaign with 22 people today.  Let’s make this April 22 the Earth Day when the citizens of America tell our elected officials—our employees—that we won’t let them turn their backs on science.  We won’t let them turn their backs on the search for truth.
Denis Hayes
Chair Emeritus
Earth Day Network