Wealth care, or health care? This Week in the Resistance


Pi Day + attacks on health care coverage = emotional eating, anyone?


Wealth Care vs. Health Care

Days after Republican leaders released their proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and radically change the Medicaid program, a nonpartisan review by the Congressional Budget Office confirmed our worst fears: their bill would prove disastrous, stripping health insurance from 24 million people while radically increasing health care costs for seniors and low-income women and families. Apparently, the majority party would rather give a massive tax cut to people who don’t need it than ensure the rest of us can afford the care we need to stay alive and be healthy.


Remember that time HHS Secretary Tom Price said there wasn’t a single woman who couldn’t afford birth control?

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We haven’t forgotten, and we won’t let him forget either. We’re flooding his office with calls letting him know that we won’t tolerate attacks on affordable birth control.

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