Tell Congress to support the Paycheck Fairness Act


Brace yourself. Equal Pay Day is coming.

Here we go


Tomorrow is Equal Pay Day, the day that symbolically marks how much longer women typically have to work to be paid what white, non-Hispanic men were paid in the previous year. Broken down by race, there are several additional Equal Pay Days to come throughout the rest of the year, marking how much longer different groups of women of color must work to earn the typical white, non-Hispanic man’s 2016 salary. It’s a gloomy but important observance, in order to keep up the fight for paycheck fairness. Speaking of which…

  • Tell Congress to support the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would strengthen fair pay laws and stop employers from retaliating against employees who disclose their salaries to co-workers and from asking applicants about salary history so past pay inequity doesn’t depress future earnings.
  • We’ve broken down how much the lifetime wage gap costs women of different races, state by state. Find out what it means for women in your state.
  • Join us and other equal pay advocates for an #EqualPayDay Twitter storm from 2 to3 p.m. EDT.
  • Equal Pay Day is an especially bad day for mansplaining, and we know you have better things to do with your time than argue with some high school classmate on Facebook about whether the wage gap is real. Just share this takedown of all of their worst arguments, then go about your day with blood pressure intact.

A sneak attack on nondiscrimination provisions of the ACA?

The Trump Administration just tried to stealthily delete language from the Department of Health and Human Services website that relates to enforcing Section 1557, the nondiscrimination provision of the Affordable Care Act. NWLC worked hard to win that provision to help end pervasive sex discrimination in health care, and we won’t tolerate any erosion of these important protections. We just submitted a FOIA request to assess the full extent of the Administration’s activities around this, because, as our Senior Vice President for Program and President-Elect Fatima Goss Graves said, “If this administration thinks they can silently and inconspicuously remove key language that protects women and LGBTQ individuals in health care, they are wrong. President Trump has acknowledged that the Affordable Care Act remains the law of the land since an attempt at repeal failed, and we are holding him to his word. We will fiercely safeguard the ACA and its crucial anti-discrimination provision that millions of women depend on for their health and economic security.”


Today, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was voted out of committee. We remain deeply troubled by Judge Gorsuch’s record on women’s legal rights; a justice who won’t defend our hard-won freedoms or protect us from discrimination doesn’t deserve a lifetime appointment. The Senate is gearing up for a huge showdown over his confirmation vote, but as far as we’re concerned, if a nominee is so problematic that they can’t get 60 votes to confirm, that means the GOP should change their nominee, not the Senate rules for confirming appointees.

Resistance Must-Do’s

  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is trying to get the Office of Management and Budget to stop collecting important wage data from corporations. Sign on to stop this sneak attack on equal pay.
  • Members of Congress have until this Thursday, April 6, to make requests for what they want funded in the FY2018 Appropriations Bill. Tell your Reps to fund child care.
  • Psst… Word on the street is a certain resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been dodging his taxes for a long time. Join us and advocates around the country who will be part of the Tax March this April 15 to demand transparency around Trump’s tax returns and to stand up for tax fairness for all.

Resistance Must-Reads


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