Al Gore’s message of hope


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In the decade since the release of An Inconvenient Truth, a lot has changed. Climate science has made major advances. Renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, has become cheaper than fossil fuel-based electricity in many parts of the world. Electric vehicles are more popular than ever.

Last week, the president signed an executive order to begin rolling back environmental protections and policies, including the Clean Power Plan, a cornerstone of our nation’s commitment to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions. These actions are a misguided step away from a sustainable, carbon-free future for ourselves and generations to come.



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No matter how discouraging the president’s executive order may be, we must, we can, and we will solve the climate crisis. No one man or group can stop the escalating momentum we are experiencing in the fight to protect our planet.

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With gratitude and hope,

Al Gore
Founder and Chairman
The Climate Reality Project

Did you see former US Vice President Al Gore’s earlier message? Over 10 years after An Inconvenient Truth, he’s still enthusiastic and hopeful about creating a sustainable, economically sound future for our planet.

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Practical climate solutions and pro-climate policies are being imagined, developed, and implemented every single day. But we must work together and fight hard to make sure the new administration understands that our future depends on making climate solutions a reality.

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Ken Berlin
President and CEO
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