April recess for Congress … Speak UP ~ Heather Hargreaves

Donald Trump and his enablers in Congress continue to push their dangerous agenda on the American people, but we’re fighting back.


Members of Congress will be in their districts for the next two weeks during the April recess, meaning this is our chance to speak up and take action.

Over the last few months, people from across the country have mobilized in their communities to stand up for our shared values. And many of these people are speaking out for the first time.

Just weeks ago, the GOP was just a few votes away from passing their disastrous healthcare plan. Historic grassroots pressure helped stop this plan in its tracks, but we can’t stop now.

We know that Trump and the Republican leaders in Congress aren’t done yet. From gutting environmental protections to defunding Planned Parenthood, the GOP has only begun their assault on everything we care about.

Stand up for our values: Attend a town hall this April.

Thanks for speaking up,

Heather Hargreaves
Senior Vice President, Advocacy
NextGen Climate