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HHS sponsors new Zika diagnostic test, boosting national testing capacity

Today, BARDA announced that it is supporting a new automated laboratory test for Zika that could produce results in just 58 minutes.  This new diagnostic test will greatly enhance our domestic testing capacity and speed the availability of test results to  help more people know whether they recently have been infected with the Zika virus. Learn More >>


Watch, Listen and Learn:  Regional Emergency Coordinators

Regional Emergency Coordinators (RECs) serve as ASPR’s boots on the ground, helping state and local partners prepare for the health effects of disasters before they strike, overseeing federal response teams in times of crisis, and helping communities recover when the disaster passes. Watch as Kevin Horahan, Deputy Division Director of the ASPR/OEM Partner Readiness and Emergency Programs, explains how RECs make a difference before, during and after a disaster.  Learn More >>

YouTube: Regional Emergency Coordinators

How forming a neighborhood sports team improved community resilience and national health security

Looking for a way to rally your community to improve resilience? Try forming a neighborhood sports team!  Learn how the connections that some families made while playing ball helped them come together and help each other in the wake of the 9-11 attacks. Learn More >>

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The Disaster Distress Helpline

Depression is common in disaster survivors and responders, but talking can really help. Before a disaster strikes, find out how the Disaster Distress Helpline can help you or other people in your community cope. Learn More >>

Disaster Distress Helpline. Phone: 1-888-985-5990

Disaster Behavioral Health: Federal Response and Assets

Disasters have psychological, emotional, cognitive, developmental & social effects on survivors and responders. Learn how federal partners work together to respond and help people cope in the wake of disasters.  Learn More >>

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