The Leuser Ecosystem: we all depend on it!


Wow.   The “Love the Leuser Ecosystem” movement is receiving worldwide attention, thanks to you.Your messages, your Facebook shares, your Tweets, and your involvement has helped share this amazing place to thousands of people who never would have heard of it otherwise. Thank you!

This kind of exposure is key – if we want to protect this amazing place, we have to make it too famous for companies to destroy for profit. Help make the Leuser as famous as the Grand Canyon, the Amazon, and the Great Barrier reef – please share the campaign with your friends and family now

This week we’re focused on the importance of the Leuser Ecosystem for the entire globe. Because no matter where you live, the Leuser Ecosystem is providing you with a critical service: as one of the largest intact forests in Southeast Asia containing three of the planet’s most indispensable carbon-rich peatlands, the Leuser Ecosystem is vital for storing atmospheric carbon and preventing further global climate change. If the flap of a butterfly’s wing can trigger a tornado a thousand miles away, the health of the Leuser Ecosystem is connected directly to the air we all breathe and the health of our shared climate. In fact, the climate crisis simply cannot be solved without ensuring forests like the Leuser continue to thrive and hold their carbon underground.

Tell the world that you #LoveTheLeuser for protecting all of us – and future generations – from the destruction of melting ice caps, drought, fire, and rising sea levels.

Help us look back in a few years at a crisis averted through collective action. Help us make a household name out of this astounding rainforest providing the world with a more stable climate.

Help us elevate the Leuser Ecosystem into its rightful place among the Great Barrier Reefs and Grand Canyons of the world – a place so widely loved that no corporation can get away with destroying it without an overwhelming resistance rising to its defense.

And stay tuned! We’ll be in touch soon with more ways that you can plug in and help protect the Leuser.

For the Leuser Ecosystem,

Chelsea_LI_HS.jpgChelsea Matthews
Forest Campaigner
Rainforest Action Network