Earth Day – On April 22 Mobilize!

 Earth Day, April 22, Are you ready to stand up to defend our Earth?
 In the one month left before Earth Day, we need your help to mobilize peoples across the country to defend America’s scientific leadership. Help us spread the news about the
Science underpins the environmental movement. Science cleaned our air and water. Science gave us wind, solar, and other clean energy alternatives. Stand with Earth Day Network today to fight back against anti-science politicians and policies that threaten our shared environment.
How can you make a difference during the one month countdown to Earth Day? Share our website signup with your friends and family.
Become a donor and mobilize your community.
Will you do your part?
Set a goal to share our website signup with 22 people this month, and help us make April 22, 2017 an Earth Day event to remember.
Thank you for your unwavering support,
The Earth Day Network Team

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