Tax Day – Two Truths and One Lie

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This Tax Day we’re calling out “the swamp” AKA hedge fund managers that over a decade dodged nearly $180 billion in taxes1. We released Tax Dodge, to mobilize activists and educate audiences about Trump’s failure to hold his Wall-Street friends accountable while screwing the rest of us. We’ve reached 473,000 people and counting with this video, watch and share.

Because it’s Tax Day, will you play and share Two Truths and One Lie – Tax Day Edition?
Instructions: Of the below statements two are true, and one is a lie.


Last month we announced the goal of 1,000 subscribers by Tax Day (today). We only need 15 additional monthly donors by midnight to make this goal a reality. Together we’re building a community of monthly donors using film to agitate audiences to action. Become an Agitator today with a monthly donation of $5 or more, and you’ll receive a subscription membership to Brave New Films.

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Jim Miller, Executive Director
Brave New Films

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