Air pollution update

Act now: Demand that the Environmental Protection Agency do its job and protect our communities from toxic ozone pollution.

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We have a lot of work to do to ensure clean air for every American.

Yesterday, the American Lung Association reported that more than 125 million Americans live in counties with unsafe levels of ozone or particle pollution.1

But instead of protecting our communities, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt wants to weaken our nation’s ozone standards.

Act Now: Demand that Pruitt do his job and protect our air.

Ozone is a deadly pollutant directly linked to asthma and respiratory illnesses, which impact the most vulnerable in our communities: children and the elderly.

Normally, Americans would look to the EPA to protect our communities from dangerous pollutants. But as EPA Administrator, Pruitt is doing just the opposite. He wants to weaken our pollution standards to appease corporate polluters, making our air even dirtier.

What happens if Pruitt gets his way? Cutting back on ozone standards would mean hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks and missed school days each year. Hundreds of Americans would die prematurely from breathing dirtier air.

We must fight back. Act now: Demand that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt do his job and uphold our nation’s ozone standards.

Thanks for speaking up.

Dan Lashof
Senior Vice President, Policy
NextGen Climate

1.State of the Air, American Lung Association