From the Vatican, Pope Francis tweeted …


so, the #trumptravelban was always a #Muslimban as he references going back to the original order


President Trump Addresses Travel Ban Being Blocked at Nashville Rally 3/15/17

We should never forget that this man said, we should go back to the original order which is what i wanted in the first place

just another rant …

If you dive even deeper … well, after the last few days maybe it’s more like their opinions used to be hidden in plain sight. Yes, there are those trump supporters who voted for him based on race privilege and fear but maybe those thinking the #travelban was about danger can now see, ascertain, piece together that the cause of his actions toward brown black skin and Asian people are based on skin colour least we talk about the people who surround him in the White House and their own histories in written form and speeches given … Politicians that held or are holding seats in Congress have become bolder or continue to spew like rudy giuliani, rep steve king their #superiority in western culture and or  #whitenationalism  maybe #whitesupremacy hinting that white folks need to create more babies,their truth is -we got too many people of colour here and if we don’t want to be overtaken we need folks to participate in the repopulation of this nation … aka birtherism on steroids, which coincides with making contraception in all its forms and reproductive rights for Women harder to obtain, but hey this is just my opinion.

So, an FYI to trump voters … immigrants and or people of colour have not did not take your jobs, create more violence, didn’t start undocumented immigration. The trump voter should not deny that folks in that 1percent in and out of major corporations have been hiring on the cheap for decades while complaining, but quietly paying slim, next to nil or cash only for services rendered by the undocumented of all ethnic backgrounds, again, for decades.  The other thing trump folks need to know, is that contrary to what is being said, most undocumented workers do pay taxes unless their boss’s choose NOT to.