yell “spider” and hope that scares people instead? ~ Working Washington,state

We are Working Washington

Did you see these two stories in the news this week

First the business press reported that the SeaTac hotel industry is booming:

PSBJ headline

And then came word of a near-record-low 2.9% unemployment rate in Seattle as the $15 minimum wage phases in:

Seattle unemployment -> 2.9%

So uh yeah at this point I’m thinking it’s pretty safe to conclude that all those Chicken Little predictions were wrong.

And that puts the sky-is-falling crew in a bit of a bind.

They’re not going to stop fighting against higher wages just because they’ve been wrong for more than a hundred years. (It’s basically their job, after all.)

But they must know they’re running out of options here. Which raises a question:

Now that it’s obvious the Chicken Little scare stories didn’t quite pan out, what do you think the trickle-downers are going to throw at us next?

 Death panels!

 Yell “spider” and hope that scares people instead

 Sue someone over something

 Start a war maybe?

 I have another idea…

At this point, the doomsday arguments have been consistently wrong for more than 100 years of rising labor standards. So it’ll be…interesting…to see what they come up with next.

Let us know what you think — and what you’re hearing,

Sage, Working Washington