How We Can Resist the Criminalization of Immigrants

Brave New Films
We’re blowing the whistle on out of control ICE and their gross criminalization of immigrants.You can help produce our next short film to amplify the critical need for sanctuary by making a one-time contribution in the next 24-hours.

This Administration has underestimated us; we will not be silent as immigrants are rounded up, removed from their communities, and forced to private for-profit detention centers.

We’ll be partnering with Indivisible to create a toolkit for allies like you to help immigrant communities and strategically reach every district in America. Together we will amplify the critical need for sanctuary, document the voices of the most vulnerable, and point them to safety.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you contribute $100 or more to this sanctuary campaign within the next 24-hours, you will be automatically entered in our poster sweepstakes. You will be eligible to receive a Shepard Fairey signed “We the People Are Greater Than Fear” 24×36 offset poster.* For $25 or more you get a “Special Thanks” credit on our website.


If history has taught us anything, it is that we must never be silent when communities are rounded up, criminalized and sent to detention centers.

We will not be silent. We will offer sanctuary, share stories, and together we resist.

You can help support this sanctuary campaign by contributing any amount right now to the production of our next short film. Join with thousands of other activists using film to build and sustain our resistance.

We’re working as fast as possible to complete this work and get it to the world. We greatly appreciate your support.

Thank you.

Jim Miller, Executive Director

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