Sage, Working Washington

how about instead we just get right down to it


This is where the inspiring introductory bit is supposed to go but how about instead we just get right down to it and I tell you all the stuff that happened this month at Working Washington:

  • We spread the word about misleading minimum wage surcharges with a list and map powered by grassroots submissions from across the state. Tens of thousands of peopel have seen and shared our page, and we even got written up in The Stranger!
  • We launched an updated version of our What’s My Wage tool. It gives workers across the state an easy way to find out what minimum wage law covers them — and to let us know if there are any issue.
  • We fought back against against an effort by 380 giant corporations to get a special Congressional exemption from having to follow state and local sick leave and family leave laws.
  • We organized online to help build for this year’s annual May Day march in Seattle, hosted by El Comite & the May 1st Action Coalition in Seattle. We’ll be powering text message action alerts all along the route — text MAYDAY to 38470 to join in!
  • We continued to push for progress on paid family leave in the State Legislature by lifting up stories from members across the state.
  • And we’ve been laying the groundwork for a lot more to come in the weeks & months ahead.

When I look at that list I feel really good about everything we accomplished this month… with one exception.

We haven’t hit our monthly grassroots fundraising goal yet.

We need individual supporters to power our fight for workers rights. Billionaires aren’t going to support workers organizing to take on income inequality, and the government isn’t going to pay for it either.

That means it’s up to you.

Can you make a contribution today and help us keep up the fight for workers rights in the months ahead?