This is NOT America … 100 days

Npelosiwomenshcjust another rant …On Jan 21 I saw several posts cheering for America’s new president and I had to respond.

I admit trump won the Electoral vote  but not the Popular vote which is important to us Americans though it does seem silly because he won. Americans and folks who are actually able to do something about these rules have been debating the process for years and it is still sitting on a shelf somewhere.

  Ah… to be an American in this era of trump, who started his bid for president by shouting that Obama may NOT be an American and if you follow his rise, and I do not use that word loosely, it can be and is compared to Hitler, maybe Mussolini , but definitely supported by white supremacists,  some say he is acting a little like Napoleon, or a dreamer of a kingdom and if you take his actions seriously … ultimately a dictator; none of which is accepted or the norm here in the US of A.  I voted for Hillary, supported her without question but knowing what we had here … was a binary choice.  This man is NOT not presidential material, cannot fix our problems alone, he is NOT our savior nor does he care about his constituents who sadly were are misinformed, willing to be pushed and verbally shoved into whatever direction they need to get change.

However, the change that is coming is one that will appear positive and given the position of power the President has, he can and will do anything he wants and has so the changes will be negative. Why do I say this, any person with so much power should know not to act with revenge in your mind but he is a narcissistic person in all its forms so this part of his personality will not only impact their lives and has already with the roll back of ACA but his reach will be long and global. I believe in choice so the effing idea that women should be punished for making decisions about her own body is crazy in itself but this man has just made it impossible for Americans to help women globally with the Reagan gag rule…the number of unsafe-abortions may increase certainly other reproductive issues women have will most definitely continue and in all probability end up in a rise in the rate of mortality among women globally.  This man is a failing protectionist, acting as an isolationist with white nationalists standing by him wearing suits ..history speaks to us rejecting this behavior but will he be the thing, that vehicle for women on both sides of the political aisle as well as race etc. to use as a common denominator …who obviously see or are seeing that this man should not be in power thus the enormous numbers of women marching not just in America but globally and while he is only talking to his constituents this carpetbagger can’t help but make all things about him, has stomped on our constitution already, broken what most will say are American values and while republicans wring their hands in joy, their corrupt behavior will show itself as some of our economist suggest could be another ride into another ditch with all the costs created by actions like moving the Israel embassy, repealing ACA just to name two lest we talk about block granting education ending Medicaid and increasing qualifiers reinstating others that restrict health care … this man is NOT the savior but a emperor wannabe though he seems to act as if he was voted in as a king … hopefully, his voters will see the light in time.

 As a person of colour i feel our rights our bodies will now be targets and a threat while living as Americans depending on what city is most likely to take his comments literally,if their social norms and the rule of law  makes them above the law,lest we talk about how folks interpret trump’s rhetoric and unfortunately his dogma will be spread as often as he holds rallies for the people to see him and how far the spicers of the world are willing to go and say whatever it takes to keep their followers calm in imo. While it’s apparent this needed to happen to America … freedom and the pursuit of happiness seem to be slowing down …  hopefully not gone

So, on January 26,2017 trump whipped his pen of freedomhaslimitationsrevenge out seemingly took America back to the dark ages and continues to do so and it has only been 100 days.

This is NOT moving toward a more perfect union as Barack Obama said to us but I believe that we must gain insight, become mindful, analyze all that must get done before election 2018;this is our lot and while I completely disagree with the host blogger, she is also kind enough to accept opposition comments. I also admitted I understand their point, said as much when we elected Obama and watched as the opposition party pledged to do nothing … So, as bill after bill had some stipulation or nasty pill attached to it no one addressed stagnant wages, 21st century living, climate,renewables or jobs and while babies were being killed by guns infrastructure among other things were all put on hold unless and until republicans could get the trifecta to make change their way and get the credit, but social security, Medicaid, as well as “affordable healthcare” like congress enjoys …  is paid for by US taxpayers yet not available to the rest of us!

I say he is talking in tongues… I live in the US of A, I thought we didn’t or don’t censor the government, the people or control women, tell scientists that any and all info about climate has to pass a review panel before the public sees it is or that joint government/nonprofit summits can be and have been canceled by a President? This ish is offensive and should be considered crazy! The notion of being told to have babies let alone comply is insane, that the media needs to shut their mouths, torture works though it’s against the Geneva convention, we should have taken the Iraqi oil or that nukes should be available to all while side stepping the 1st Amendment … maybe a lot of amendments as he harkens back to a time when men who governed considered themselves to be the only legitimate Americans and suffice it say there weren’t many amendments back then to protect what we now call folks in “protected classes”  So, I am resisting. I am not naive; but I am hoping that enough folks who voted for him will see through his con while others continue the fight ending his trifecta in 2018.

Thanks for letting me speak