trump is looking for ways to gut monuments &weaken the Antiquities Act ~ Heidi McIntosh, Earthjustice

Night photography of Bears Ears National Monument (Marc Toso)

Dear Friends of the Earth

Grand Staircase-Escalante, Grand Canyon-Parashant, Giant Sequoia, Canyon of the Ancients, Hanford Reach, Ironwood Forest, Santa Rosa-San Jacinto Mountains, Vermillion Cliffs, Carrizo Plain, Sonoran Desert, Upper Missouri River Breaks, Papahānaumokuākea, Marianas Trench, Rose Atoll, Pacific Remote Islands, Rio Grande del Norte, Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks, San Gabriel Mountains, Berryessa Snow Mountain, Basin and Range, Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow, Northeast Canyons and Seamounts, Bears Ears, Gold Butte.

These national monuments were designated by three presidents between 1996 and 2017. Today, President Trump directed the Department of Interior to review all of them.

He is putting our national monuments on trial so he can put them on the chopping block.

No president in American history has reversed a national monument designation, but Trump is looking for ways to gut monuments and weaken the Antiquities Act, the nation’s century-old public lands law protecting some of our most cherished landscapes and heritage.

America’s national monuments are incredibly popular. They funnel money into our economy and are repositories of precious, irreplaceable cultural heritage. Any attempt by the executive branch to reverse or shrink a monument designation is unlawful under the Antiquities Act. Only Congress has the authority to modify a national monument. Earthjustice is prepared, with the best environmental legal team in the country—and you by our side—to defend and protect our natural treasures.

Thank you for your continued support,

Heidi McIntosh
Managing Attorney