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Service, Community Health Fairs, and National Health Security

When students get together, they can accomplish amazing things! Find out how one fraternity connected people who needed care with the care that they needed, helping to create a culture of health and a more resilient community.  Then, consider ways that you can help your community as part of National Volunteer Week!  Learn More >>

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Medical Reserve Corps

People across the country are making their communities better through service.  During National Volunteer Week, we would like to thank all of the volunteers that enable the medical reserve corps to improve the health and safety of communities across the country by donating their time and expertise.  Interested in becoming a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer? There are units across the country. Find one near you!  Learn More >>

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Promoting Stress Management for Pregnant Women during the Zika Virus Disease Outbreak

Pregnancy can already be a stressful time for women and their partners.  The emergence of Zika virus can be an additional unsettling consideration for those who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Find out how healthcare providers can help their patients manage stress while providing accurate information on Zika.  Learn More >>

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Zika Care Connect

Do you have a baby who has been infected with Zika? Were you or your partner diagnosed with the disease? Did you receive a positive Zika test while you were pregnant? Zika Care Connect (ZCC) helps families affected by Zika find information and specialty healthcare professionals who can provide care.  Learn More >>

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