Gov. mike pence … did you know


and most listed below were blocked by Federal Judge’s

  • Tried to create his own govt run news-service taxpayer funded


  • Rated an A by the NRA


  •  July 2014,he wrote a letter to President Obama, stating he isn’t having 245 refugees from South America, calling the placement of these children on Hoosier soil as unacceptable.


  • Most recently signed the “religious freedom” bill “Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act”


  • Having to fix his RFRA debacle bill, he attached a fix to ensure no LGBT discrimination


  • Had to answer to having made discrimination legal in his state


  • Quietly killed a grant application that would help low income bringing in millions of dollars into Indiana,helping preschool programs and at risk kids … Least we include his response to killing the grant


  • Pence signs new abortion restrictions into law with a prayer,some said sadistic war on women


  • Tried to ban Indianan’s state agencies from settling Syrian refugees. a federal judge blocked Pence’s order,saying it “clearly discriminates” against refugees.


  • Tried to defund Planned Parenthood

source: the internet