Private prison company Geo Group just signed a $110 mil contract with the Trump admin

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Private prison company Geo Group just signed a $110 million contract with the Trump administration to build a new immigrant detention center in Texas1. Right now, we’re witnessing a renewed rush of private prisons pushing anti-immigrant legislation to maximize profits. It’s sickening, but we will not be silent.We’re launching our Immigration campaign on Monday and releasing our latest video about Sanctuary to fight back. This ongoing series will document corruption, abuse, and the conflicts of interest at the heart of current US immigration policy. Next up is an in-depth investigation into ICE – a look at the corrupt and out of control abuses of the ‘deportation force.’

The Trump administration is serving the interests of private prison pushers over the interests and safety of our communities. We will not be silent as immigrants are rounded up, removed from their communities, forced to detention centers and criminalized for profit.

With your support, we can launch our first film and release our digital toolkit explaining practical models for Sanctuary. And we’ll go into pre-production on our next investigative piece about ICE. Will you donate $25 to this effort?

To launch our Immigration campaign, we’ve organized an advocacy fair in Los Angeles where we’ll be premiering the Sanctuary film and connecting our audience to local advocacy groups on the ground. We need to raise an additional $1,500 to release Sanctuary next week and get this film to every district. Your support is vital.

Donate $25 or more today to support our Immigration campaign. You’ll get a “Special Thanks” credit on our website.

As documentary storytellers, our obligation is to amplify these stories, put a human face to policy and give a voice to the voiceless.

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Jim Miller, Executive Director

1. Immigration Detention – Texas story by Meredith Hoffman via Associated Press