Women Voters of America …what else do you need? #MidtermsMatter

Healthcare: Thing is, Republicans need to realize that their constituents &non voters had a chance to experience Obamacare! Though some Governors stepped in and denied their fellow man the expansion of Medicaid. Yes, some folks didn’t like #ACA aka Obamacare, but that was because President Obama’s name was attached which is so beyond my understanding when you’re finally getting health care services. Some are claiming the higher premiums were and still are outrageous, some love Obamacare, others confess it saved their lives. I think those who suffered need to have a professional check their applications for errors, misinformation and of course their states version of #ACA probably is a problem and yes there are victims of not just the insurance industry but their states policies need serious health care review not the implementation of means tests,preconditions,more restrictions,age taxes or anything giving the 1% a gift tax off that backs of sick people.

Most feel, if the #trumpTrifecta gets its way we will not only get less  health care and going to urgent care or the ER but pay more for health care on levels that put you and yours at risk making those republican #deathpanels a reality  lest we talk about that strange thing called a win in the House … fact: The House voted and passed the healthcare bill but it has to go to the Senate who said they wanted to start from scratch …sure and as you see it’s a panel of 13 men which should be a warning alarm for women who more often than not take care of all the family health care including the men in their lives so this panel is wrong! again, on so many levels! We need to end the #trumpTrifecta and move to make him a one term president!

Vote for the Democratic Party …yes #ACA needs tweaks but this republican like bill(RomneyCare) is worthy of saving … these “guys” want to kill it

~ Nativegrl77