buyers remorse in Seattle

So, my rant ….

thought I voted for someone … Mayor Ed Murray, who will work for all Residents in Seattle, WA …Washington state, but is this crap really happening ?

Mayor Murray statement on the election

Mayor Ed Murray released the following statement in response to tonight’s election: 11/9/2016

“Regardless of tonight’s national results, tomorrow Seattle will remain a city guided by the values of equality, inclusion and openness. Tomorrow we will continue to support women, we will welcome as neighbors our Muslim brothers and sisters, and tomorrow Black Lives will still matter. Our City will remain strong because of our diversity, not in spite of it.

“In Seattle, our results show a city ready to lead in building a more equitable and progressive future.

“As we look forward, we will challenge our people to live up to our values, to ensure we build on the foundation that was laid tonight and that we foster the equitable, inclusive world we envision.”

I have been disappointed since December of 2016 waited to post and given what we have all heard the buyers remorse issue has been solved. I still feel we need to push probe and challenge Mayor Ed Murray, the city council to do better and expect more demand better from our next Mayor  … We need more transparency,more affordable housing,more jobs for local residents and mass transportation that eliminates buses unless they are for communities that have no transportation only park&rides … we expected light rail not if we had more money after what seemed like full out metro debacles, we should always remember the shady back room deals … the recent announcements for a mega detention center for children&adults was more than a disappointment it opens up the school to prison pipeline no one thought Seattle would try let a lone for that astronomical amount … diversion programs should be the only way to deal with our youth unless the actions of the youth are tracked with proof and history of obviously gross violent destructive behavior and warrant a different action.

Seattle Wanted Mass Transportation! Something went wrong and quite possibly the changes and not in a good way happened after we all found out about that ugly deal made by republicans some from the democratic party and our city council about metro transit and what we used to call the “FREEZONE” which used to be downtown Seattle’s 3rd Ave. This has, unfortunately snowballed into a serious nasty case of not only gentrification but moves … elite corporate society moves to deal with the homeless in class status behavior while wheeling dealing and putting out plans to build a Mega Police Precinct Building ? it stinks …Why? because Seattle, run by left of center is now overbuilding, folks who grew up here can’t afford to shop there lest we talk about living here … I know too many people, mostly black brown and Asian who live 1-2 hours away drive back in to work and this is NOT right. The disabled,folks who needed medical services were …yes, were on 3rd and or near who yes jumped on the #freezone bus to get from point A to get meds to smooth out,to stay sober etc. who didn’t have much money then even less now since the #freezone was taken away to make way for IT workers and their living spaces while reports of them making more money off tourists … ok, even i get that but plan plan plan because it became obvious the plan was about shoving pushing eliminating not just the homeless but the average joe is now suffering in a city that used to be about compassionate,environmentally and climate change aware pushing jobs and fair wages. Yes, we can blame voters who continue to vote against their best interests; though, given what we have seen in our own very legislature,the practice of vetting the Democratic Party is even more important than ever and that includes me because that hope that change we wanted for Seattle was for more jobs but NOT at the cost or risk of losing it’s middle and lower classes who live work drive keep this city moving

We need to challenge NOT only the Mayor of this great city, but the city of Seattle Council