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Despite millions of people calling for the FCC to protect the open internet the FCC commission voted to move forward on repealing net neutrality protections. This process will last several months so we still have time to stop them!
Let’s show them the power of the internet. Sign the petition to tell the FCC: stay strong on net neutrality!
The future of the free and open internet is doomed if we don’t stand together and fight back.

“The internet is the repository of all human knowledge—and goats singing Taylor Swift songs,” said John Oliver on his “Last Week Tonight” show this weekend. Oliver pleaded with his viewers to flood the FCC with comments to protect consumers’ rights to a free and open internet, and I am with him.Why? Because it’s true. The internet is a great place for many things—from animal videos to news and education to small business startups and our economy as we know it — we can’t afford to let FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s roll back Obama-era net neutrality protections.

Net neutrality protects our ability to access the content we want on the internet – and we must stand up for it. 

Net neutrality keeps internet service providers from picking and choosing the speed and content you can access based on big corporations’ spending. It’s about protecting consumers’ ability to access affordable high-speed internet – which is especially critical for low-income families.

Last time we won net neutrality protections because millions of Americans made their voices heard. We have to do it again. The internet needs us. 

Trump is once again putting the powerful ahead of ordinary Americans. His administration is allowing the FCC to give big corporations what they ask for — even if it hurts consumers.

The open internet is our platform for free speech, education, and innovation. John Oliver and I agree – everyone needs to stand together and protect it.

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