Why aren’t we talking about this? GEO Group … Private Prison and trump

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We’ve got a story to tell you . . .
Once upon a time (August 2016), Obama announced that the Federal Bureau of Prisons would phase out the use of private prisons. GEO Group, a multibillion-dollar for-profit prison company, saw their stock plummet 40 percent.

The very next day, GEO Correction Holding Inc. gave $100,000 to a pro-Trump super PAC. And when Trump won, GEO Group shelled out $250,000 to support his inaugural festivities.
Now, guess what? The Trump administration just awarded the GEO Group $110 million of our federal tax dollars and a 10-year contract to develop and operate a new immigrant detention center in Conroe, Texas. What is going on?

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The private prisons that bankrolled Trump are controlling policy to collect the returns on their investment; anti-immigrant policies mean big payoffs for private detention. It’s sickening. But we will not be silent. We will tell this story.

Earlier this month we launched our immigration campaign with the release of The Call to Sanctuary. We want to continue our immigration campaign with an investigation into immigrant detention, but we need resources to keep telling these stories.

Right now, the Trump administration is serving the interests of private prison pushers over the interests and safety of our communities. We will not be silent as immigrants are rounded up, removed from their communities, forced to detention centers and criminalized for profit.

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Jim Miller, Executive Director
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