Hannity is lashing out at his advertisers and Fox

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It seems like Sean Hannity is trying to get fired while injuring Fox News in the process. Since last week, he’s organized his most ardent supporters to attack his own advertisers, threatened Fox News with a “We Go If He Goes” campaign, and is now aggressively promoting a cable-news-wide advertiser boycott. [1]

Hannity’s fans are harassing his own network, his own advertisers, and his potential advertisers – and ad buyers are surely taking notice. Media Matterswarned that Hannity was volatile and bad business. Now they don’t have to take our word for it: Many companies are currently experiencing first-hand that doing business with Hannity means subjecting your brand to one potential public relations crisis after another.

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Ultimately, Hannity’s efforts to intimidate everyone he does business with will only further marginalize him at Fox and make advertisers flee faster. Despite his attacks and threats, companies are still pulling their ads from Hannity’s show – including three more companies in the past 24 hours. And it’s not clear what relationships he’ll have left when it’s all over.


Angelo Carusone
Media Matters for America