Host A House Party To Screen Ava Duvernay’s “13th”

There’s a house party near you!

We reached out to our members and asked if they would host our first ever watch parties to screen Ava Duvernay’s film “13th”, and we noticed someone near you is hosting an event that’s open to the public!

We want to invite you out to be our guest, click here to join the party nearest you.

We’re engaging people in this way in response to Jeff Sessions testifying before Congress to talk about the Department of Justice’s budget, basically how he wants to fund the resurgence of the so-called war on drugs. This is a crucial time in our nation’s government and it directly impacts the everyday reality of real people, and the most vulnerable of these are people of color in general and Black folks specifically. We want to generate narratives that are important to us and our community, and not just centered around Russia and rumors of collusion. Jeff Sessions is testifying before Congress to discuss the DOJ budget, which reflects a Law & Order system that is mostly void of civil rights protection.

Resurfacing stories of the so-called War on Drugs, mass incarceration, and decriminalization can be hard to do alone. These house parties are an opportunity to share these stories with your community. You’ll also have an opportunity to take our stories and demands directly to Congress by scheduling an office visit to urge that they stand with your community over Sessions threats.

 we want to connect with you in person! Are you down to attend a house near you?

Until Justice is real,

Arisha, Rashad, Malaya, Scott, Clarise and the rest of the Color of Change team