Trump can block VoteVets on Twitter, but we will NOT be silenced. Stand with us today



The morning started with an official statement (tweet) from the president about his illegal Muslim ban. Below is what happened immediately after that led to him blocking VoteVets on Twitter.

Read the exchange and chip in $3 to help us continue the elevate the voices of veterans who are willing to stand up to President Trump. A presidential block won’t stop us. It only makes us stronger.

Here’s the president’s initial tweet:

Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations, Will Fischer, took to Twitter on the VoteVets handle to respond with a series of tweets of our own:

And that was it… as the most powerful man in the world sat somewhere in the White House, probably with cable television on and looking at his Twitter mentions, he gave us the presidential block.

Like we said, Trump can block VoteVets on Twitter, the voice of 500,000 progressive veterans, military family members, and their civilian supporters, but we will NOT be silenced. Stand with us today:

Make a $3 donation to VoteVets today as a way of saying that you will not let President Trump silence progressive veterans and military family members who are fighting to resist his dangerous agenda.

Thank you for standing with us. Supporters like you power our work. And we are making a difference. That much has never been more clear.

All my best,

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran & Chairman