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Serving through the Storm: Choosing the Right Service Organization

Hurricane season is here!  You can help communities stay healthy, safe and strong through the storm.  Get started before the storm strikes! Learn about three service organizations that help protect health and save lives when disaster strikes and how to join.  Learn More >>

MRC volunteer takes patient's blood pressure

Beat the Heat:  Preventing and Treating Heat-Related Illness

Summer is here and temperatures are rising across many parts of the country, putting many people at risk for heat-related illness. But not everybody has the same level of risk.  Children under four years of age, adults over 65, people who are overweight, and people who are on certain medications are more susceptible to heat related illness. Find out how you can prevent heat-related illnesses and how recognize when someone needs help.  Learn More >>

child showing signs of being overheated

Protect Your Partner from Zika

If you are infected with Zika, you can transmit it to your partner – even if you don’t have symptoms.  Many people infected with Zika virus don’t have symptoms or only have mild symptoms, and they may not know they have been infected. Think you might be infected?  Recently traveled to a location where Zika is present?  Use a condom to prevent spreading the virus. Learn More >>

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Be Ready to Help!  Bystander Response Saves Lives

During National Safety Month, people and organizations across the country are asking themselves “what does it take to keep each other safe?” One simple answer: be ready to help!  Learn about 5 simple steps that you can take to save someone’s life if they are hurt. Learn how you can help keep a critically injured person alive until help arrives.  Learn More >>

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Be a Super Dad! Make Sure Your Family is Ready for Disasters

Make plans now to keep your family safe and healthy in a disaster.  Get a kit.  Make a plan.  Do a drill.  By taking some time to prepare before a disaster strikes, you can help your family face a tornado, flood, hurricane or whatever other disasters are common in your area.  Learn More >>

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