Indigenous Earth Defenders Threatened for Protecting the Forests. Take Action!

Our Shipibo friend Robert is receiving death threats for his advocacy against the deforestation caused by the oil palm industry in the Peruvian Amazon. Several of his colleagues have been assassinated under similar circumstances. Can you take a minute to help defend him and other threatened leaders?


This emblematic fight for the rainforest is playing itself out right now in the Peruvian Amazon – the world’s largest tropical rainforest and a critical element to mitigating climate change. In the face of the threats against them, the Shipibo leaders are demanding that the Peruvian government take effective action to ensure that the death threats and defamation campaigns don’t result in attacks or killings.

If Earth Defenders aren’t protected, the consequences can be dire. In 2014, four Asháninka leaders, including internationally-known Edwin Chota, were assassinated for fighting against deforestation, demanding land rights, and protecting our climate.

Join us in sending messages to the Peruvian government in support of Shipibo leaders like Robert.