Help Fathers Support Their Kids by Planting Trees

Each dollar you donate allows us to plant one tree.

Fathers across the world struggle to support their families. For some of the world’s poorest fathers, that can mean choosing between burning trees for fuel or using that same forest land to grow crops to eat and sell. But there’s a better way.
Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project has been working for years to combat deforestation and help provide sustenance to some of the world’s poorest families. In Sub-Saharan Africa, our system uses proven agroforestry methods to grow specific varieties of trees and crops in phases over a four-year period. This balanced technique provides sustainable sources of food, fuel and crops to sell each year, and adds new meaning and stability to the lives of fathers who can now provide security for their kids.
By helping plant trees, you give dads the ability to transition their families away from insecure and destructive subsistence techniques to a system that not only sustains and empowers them in the short term but also improves their communities and their children’s lives forever.
We need your help now! Each dollar donated adds trees and stabilizes family income in some of world’s most needy villages. There is much work to be done. For the fathers in your life—and their wives, sons and daughters—please donate. $1 plants 1 tree.
— The Earth Day Network Team