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Seattle’s strongest-in-the-nation secure scheduling law takes effect on July 1st — exactly two weeks from today. That means that if you work in Seattle for a large company or chain in coffee, food, or retail, you will have important new rights:

  • Two week’s notice of your schedule.
  • Predictability pay if the employer changes that schedule.
  • A right to rest — no mandatory clopening shifts.
  • Access to additional hours if you want them.
  • And more, including input into your schedule and a good-faith estimate of your hours.

We put together a page with the key information you need to understand how the law works and what your rights are. We’re asking members like you to help us test it out — and then help us spread the word far & wide.

Check it out, let us know what you think, and then help us make the page even better by asking us any questions you may have.

Whether or not you work in a job that’s directly affected by the law, you should be proud that your support is a big part of the reason that tens of thousands of fast food, coffee and retail workers in Seattle are two weeks away from a breakthrough that will change lives and set a new standard for the entire country.

And if you think that’s good news that ought to be spread far & wide, you can click here to add your thumbs-up in support.

Thanks you for everything you did to help make this happen!


Working Washington