RE: I lost my son to childhood cancer

Petitioning President of the United States, Donald Trump

Turn the White House ‘Gold’ for kids with cancer

Petition by Roya Giordano
Leesburg, Virginia
Did you know that every 2 minutes, a child somewhere in the world is diagnosed with Pediatric cancer? A normal childhood comes to a halt for these kids. And each day in the U.S., 7 families have to bury their brave, beloved children who’ve lost the fight.

I was one of those people, losing my beautiful, brave son Mathias to cancer.

Childhood Cancer Awareness month is coming this September. I’m asking the President of the United States to light the White House Gold, for one night, to show support for the kids fighting the battle of their lives. It will help us remember the children who’ve lost their battles with cancer — children like my son Mathias. Will you help me?

The White House has been lighted up to recognize cancer and significant milestones in the past. Seeing the people’s house lit up is a moving experience, one shared across social media and on the news. More importantly, it shows kids fighting cancer they are not alone and their country supports.

Please sign and share this petition telling our President to turn the White House gold for all the children battling cancer across our nation today.

#TeamMathias #MathiasStrong


Stop Obamacare’s repeal. Call now.

Organizing for Action
Around the country, people are speaking out to let their representatives know what repealing Obamacare would mean for their families:

Repealing this law would create chaos in the lives of millions of people, but the Senate is moving forward anyway — drafting a repeal bill behind closed doors.

Get your voice on the record. Call a senator now.

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Organizing for Action

Amazon’s Forests Still Endangered Despite Brazilian President’s Vetoes of Environmental Protection Rollbacks

“It’s as if you sent a message that environmental crime pays.”

Brazil’s President Michel Temer surprised many on Monday when he vetoed contentious legislation that would have opened up vast tracts of legally-protected Amazonian forests to land grabbing, deforestation, agribusiness, and mining.

While the vetoes seemed a concession to demands from his Environmental Minister and a coalition of environmental and human rights organizations, they now appear to be mere greenwash of the government’s anti-environment agenda and and an attempt distract the public from its alarming assault on the Amazon.

That same day, the administration announced that it will introduce a new bill for a fast-tracked congressional vote that essentially resurrects the legislation the president just vetoed.