40 strangers were asked 50 questions

Brave New Films

We’re launching a new campaign exploring the power of conversation and group activity to bring us together and build empathy. We facilitated and filmed a group of 40 strangers who were asked 50 questions. The experience was profound, making an impact on participants and all of us at BNF that worked to make this happen.

Now we’re in the process of translating this compelling footage into a powerful short impact film to share with the world. Will you donate $25 to launch this campaign? For a contribution of $25 or more within the next 12-hours, you get a ‘Special Thanks’ credit on our website.


Some of us go through different life experiences. Some of us perceive things different. But at the end of the day, a lot of us want to live in peace and harmony.”

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to see an actual exit interview with one of the participants.

We have never done anything like this before and because you are a valued member of our community we’re sharing this teaser with you today.

We were inspired when we challenged 40 strangers to stop focusing on their perceived differences, and instead, connect over shared values and commonalities.


I am asking you to join them in this experience by donating $25 right now. If we raise $2,500 within the next 12-hours, we can release this film next week.

Thank you for your support.

Jim Miller, Executive Director